Your Body Is A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle. 

At Bellezaenoor our habitude towards health is not just the end goal it’s the way of living. How do we make this better for you?

Just like an ounce of prevention is more worth than a pound of cure. Quenching your thirst the right way is the first step towards good health. 

 Ionized Kangen Water.

What is  Kangen Water?

In real time Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese. The alkaline water produced by Enagic’s alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines is termed as Kangen water. 

In Japan for about more than 42 years this water is under regular practice to restore the body to its original, alkaline stage. If you are planning to transform your ordinary tap water into fresh tasting, healthy alkaline drinking water, then this right choice is just a click away! 

Making Of Ionized  Kangen Water

The internal high grade filter filters chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor thereby reduces sediments to produce clean water. 

Further this filtered water is passed through titanium dipped platinum plates, and then separates into acidic and alkaline parts without loosing the essential minerals that are usually lost in the stages of purifying bottled water. 

This entire electrolysis procedure is an healthier choice which many of us today are missing out on.      

Difference between Plain Water & Ionized Kangen Water.

Properties Of Kangen Water

The 4 primary properties you must know: 

High Active Molecular Hydrogen

Active hydrogen molecules assist in producing alkaline buffer in the blood which helps in neutralizing the acidic food when consumed by a person. 


Our body is in highly acidic environment. The pH properties of this water helps in balancing the acidic content in the body thereby preventing illness.


The micro-clustered factor of this water ensures effective and quick hydration of the body. Aids in enhancing the aerobic capacity of the body and avoiding premature ageing. 


The antioxidants produced in this  water is necessary to neutralize and eliminate free radicals from the body.
Knowing the right pH is very crucial. Too much acidic or basic pH in the body can trigger various diseases. 


You Should Experience

The importance of pH water is to regulate metabolic processes and keep your body in a balance state.

11.5 pH


  • Cleans pesticides off fruits and vegetables.
  • Makeup remover.
  • Cleans off meats, rice, beans.
  • Laundry.  
2.5 pH


  • Kills all microbes and disinfectants. 
  • Facial lifting and tightening.
  • Reliefs sore throats
  • Moles and warts. 
7.0 pH


  • Use for making baby formula.
  • Clean drinking water with meals if required. 
  • Fast dissolving medication.
  • Great drinking water for pets. 
6.0 pH


  • Facial Cleaner. 
  • Hair conditioner. 
  • Tone skin. 
  • Rashes, diaper rash. 
8.5 - 9.5 pH


  • Helps with weight loss. 
  • Balance body pH level.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Anti-oxidants. 

 The Magical Merit Of This Water Is To




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What They Say

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

In 1923 discovered the cause of cancer. In 1931 Nobel Price Winner.

” All forms of Cancer have two basic conditions: Acidosis and Hypoxia (Lack of Oxygen) Cancerous tissue are acidic, whereas healthy tissue is alkaline.” 

The disease cannot live in an Alkaline body!

Dr. Hiromi Shinya

“I have a Kangen Water machine in my New York medical office and this is the water I drink and give to my patients”

Dr.Dave Carpenter

“In my experience, Kangen water supercharges your nutritional program better than anything. Water is the key and this (Enagic Kangen Water) is the best water I know of, Anyone who gives it an honest try will experience it in their own health without question!”

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