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Water is Life, but

Kangen water is Health. 


Health is Wealth!

Kangen water for us was just another type of water filtration machine,  a machine which purifies water and could end our thirst.  These were the basic  thoughts we had. The facts and figures changed when we met one of the distributor of Enagic Machines. The first demonstration we had with him was a surprising, lifechanging experience in itself. 

It all started with a question, can your regular tap water change your life and uplift your health? and we were like seriously change life, uplift health… how? simply water can do this?  our curious mind was now filled with bundle of queries. You too are waiting to know them right, checkout the entire story below as how water has change our life. 

We at Bellezaenoor believe and practice that biggest WEALTH IS HEALTH!  





70% of our body is made up of water. 

As the famous saying goes, water is life and therefore its very important you to know and understand the water you are consuming is it beneficial or not.

Although there are some known places in the world where truly miracle water is available like a cave in Germany, same in France, in Mecca they have Zam-Zam, whereas in India we have the Ganga water. All these water types are termed as Miracle water.

Researches have shown up that consuming this miracle water have reduced chronic diseases.  People have been successfully recovered with various chronic illnesses.

During the course of the research in the year 1950 by Japanese scientist, they figured out the above discussed miracle waters had 3 best properties which are missing in a normal tap water even today.  

So what’s happening while consuming normal tap water which do not consist of major 3 properties?  in such scenario we are only drinking water and quenching our thirst.

But what are these 3 core properties? Who discovered them? How can we all benefit from it? so many questions right… same were raised at our end too.  


Our Story


Adding to the history our distributor continued to explain Enagic named a Japanese company in the year 1974 researched and came up with an water ionized Kangen machine. The water that passes from the ionizer machine is known as Kangen water.  

42 years old company, over 150 above counties have their presence, 23 countries have registered offices, whereas in India Bangalore is one among them.

Those core 3 properties that are present in this Kangen machine are: 

  1. Mirco Cluster
  2. Anti- Oxidants
  3. Alkalinization

These are the crucial properties for a good healthy health. Enagic International is the water alkaline-ionizer distribution company in the world with ISO certified quality control processes. 

At Bellezaenoor our purpose is to spread these facts through healthy drinking water.

“Pure water is world’s first and foremost medicine.” 




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